Artistic Research of Aspects and Potentialities of Spatial Audio Systems Application in Context of Gallery Installation and Audio Performance

Polina Khatsenka

Spring Seminars 2021

The talk introduces the author’s studies of spatial audio phenomenon in a wide range,from spatial aspects of aural perception as a basic need for locating oneself in space, to nowadays application of immersive audio formats such as Ambisonics. The presentation will contain a brief look through the development of spatial audio formats and its artistic and industrial application, followed by the short presentation of the author’s artistic projects, ranging from audio installations in a gallery to audio performance in spatial sound systems. Final part of the presentation will be devoted to the author’s curatorial activities, including organisation and production of phonon ~ event series, mediating contemporary experimental electronic and electroacoustic music and sound art, based in Ústí nad Labem.

Polina Khatsenka is an audiovisual artist, sound designer and sonic curator from Minsk, Belarus, based in Usti nad Labem. She is devoting her work to various aspects of sound with a focus on audio performance, site-specific installations and composition. One of the essential aspects of her work is collaboration and group projects with/for independent institutions with a self-organised approach. Polina implies expanding the perception of both one’s and shared environment within her work, be it uncovering and operating with invisible but yet existing radiating fields or addressing existential topics on a personal level.