This is an abstract from the Beyond Listening symposium program.

3D Modeling and Printing of Microtonal Wind Instruments (research report)

The Reappearance of Ritual (live performance for 15 performers)

Bálint Szabó

Wednesday 22 November — Listening Session


Acoustic live performance featuring Aerophone instruments for 15 performers.

“3D Modeling and Printing of Microtonal Aerophone Instruments” is part of my doctoral research at MOME (“Speculative Music Design in the Making of Fictional Worlds”). My artistic focus is concentrated around the issue of musical tunings like in my solo project Gosheven or in my band Decolonize Your Mind Society. Due to the standardization of musical tunings and instruments, not only biodiversity is in an unprecedented decline but also the local musical cultures around the world are rapidly disappearing or have completely disappeared. To offset this unstoppable process I try to call the attention of artists and researchers to create ‘local’ and non-standard custom instruments with new technologies at hand like that of 3D printing. In such a way, as designers of these custom instruments we can regain control of musical tunings and make instruments that never existed before, without histories.

Bálint Szabó