This is an abstract from the Beyond Listening symposium program.

Guillaume Loizillon: Territories

Saturday 25 November — Presentations

15.00 — 15.30

Documentation of the lecture

Territories explores the imagination of spaces in a sound way. The project is part of a long experience of "in situ" interventions, carried out for several years: concerts, performances, installations or walks using nomadic audio devices powered by batteries or solar energy. It could be situated in various locationds, including inner spaces. This installation aims to stage a fantasy sound world in osmosis with the landscapes. It offers a listening mode where the listener moves through a place where the sound sources are placed in objects: cages, bags hanging from trees, bird shelters or even simply hidden from view.

The sounds are integrated into the already present soundscape. It is not a composition aiming to magnify the sounds of nature but, to let hear chimerical narrations where can mingle: the animal, the sounds of nature or human activity, and what seems belong these categories.


Guillaume Loizillon lives and works in Paris. Composer and musician attracted by many other forms, he remains independent and constantly attracted to new experiments and artistic developments. Electronic music, sound arts, improvisation, poetry, installations, intermedia encounters, net art, etc. He was a lecturer in the music department of the University of Paris 8, director of the UFR arts aesthetic philosophy and co-founder of the independent label Trace Label. He has worked with, among others: Dièse 440, Bony Bikaye, Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Valère Novarina, Jean-Marc Matos and company, Julien Blaine, Joël Hubaut, Jacques Donguy, Tom Johnson, Esther Ferrer, Sebastien Lespinasse, A.C Hello, Costis Triandaphylou, Barney Wilen, Hector Zazou…