This is an abstract from the Beyond Listening symposium program.

SHLUK, (Noise Pollution and Sound Beyond Sound)

Sara Pinheiro (and Petr Zábrodský, Jiří Rouš)

Thursday 23 November — Presentations

12.30 — 13.00

Documentation of the lecture

The Artistic Research project SHLUK focuses on the topics of climate change and noise pollution. For that purpose, it studies specific zones in Czech Republic where it is possible to observe and listen to the noises of cultural and technological phenomena that directly or indirectly lead to Global Warming as we know of nowadays. For example, issues of energy transformation (such as power plants), and issues of traffic and cement production. In this line, the project grasps different timescales, recurring to older archives and newer methodologies (digital databases). Throughout this process, the research questions the definition of sound beyond what is actually audible. In the end, SHLUK shares the recordings in an open-access database and presents a live performance to the audience.


SHLUK is dedicated to the artistic study of sound and its vibrations beyond human perception. It is a collective effort to understand sound as an ecologic marker, and its impact on human relationships. The group is composed of Jiří Rouš, Sara Pinheiro and Petr Zábrodský. Its mode of expression inclines towards live-performance and fixed-media composition approached as a spatial installation - a language inherited from their previous projects together (see compositions and publications by Digital Unrealities and the live coding group k-o-l-e-k-t-i-v).

Sara Pinheiro (1985) graduated in Cinema (Lisbon, 2008) and holds a Master of Music in Sonology (The Hague, 2012), where she is a guest lecturer. She has been part of the teaching committee at CAS – FAMU since 2013. Her PhD is a practice-based research project under the name of “Acousmatic Foley”. She does sound recording, editing, foley and mixing for film and in video-art. In her solo practice, she makes acousmatic pieces, usually for multichannel performances, radio broadcasts or installations.

Petr Zábrodský (1990) studied at the Center of Audiovisual Studies in FAMU, Prague. His work focuses on the relationship between new technologies and their aesthetics. He mainly works on audiovisual compositions that emphasize digitally produced and modified data, its character and possible textures. Zábrodský develops live performances, either solo or in groups (SolSol, DreamFlowers, Escher Fucker) and works as the main AV technician at the Studio Hrdinů theatre (Prague).

Jiří Rouš (1986) graduated at the Center of Audiovisual Studies in FAMU, Prague. His artistic activity comprises improvised sound performances, live coding, sound design and development of software and hardware systems and devices. He works for 3dsense, a Prague based company focused in merging art, design and new technologies.

Sara Pinheiro, Budapest