Open Call for Visegrad Fund Visual and Sound Artists Residencies

Artists, and everyone to whom it may concern:

As you might have seen already, the Visegrad Fund call for Visual and Sound Artists Residencies are open.

The Deadline to apply is 15 October 2023. You have to apply personally as an artist for this, and come from PL, SK, HU.

If you are interested in coming to KRA Vysočina (Kravín Rural Arts), please send a proposal and we can provide you with the necessary documents, like a letter of acceptance etc.

We usually accept residencies for summer (June till October).

More information on our activities you can find on the website.

For 2024 we are looking for artists who are interested in bioacoustics of water soundscapes (ponds, rives, ditches, rains, etc) and species monitoring via ultrasonics (bats, crickets, mice, etc). We are setting up a program combining citizen science and creative performances. Those are big words but let's keep it simple and if you like to expand your field recordings in those areas, feel welcome and join in with or contribute to the Summer of the KRA program 2024. It is a nice depopulated area around here, in between protected natural and agricultural areas.

Something general:

KRA (kravin rural arts, is installed in a historical building, or old neglected farm, or simply: a ruin. We invite artists to work experimentally with ecology and technology, from within the countryside, in a natural environment. Apart from these residencies, we host an alternative music festival (on/off) and organize presentations, performances, participations. During the korona years, we set up ButtuLab.Space as an incubator for introducing new digital skills (3D design/print, audiovisual, radio, networks, ...) as a creative collaboration between the local social and artisanal, media and co-working, biofarming, leisure and learning places. KRA participated in international art-science and media art festivals/initiatives throughout the year (Réveil, Nextfestival, World Listening Day, Cultural EU Capital Esch art radio, Art's Birthday, and more things you know better). We also have contacts with sister-initiatives throughout Europe through the PAN network, and of course: CENSE! KRA's overal mission is to establish a shared infrastructure and contribute to the development of a liveable, critical and creative, environmental 21st century countryside. Sustained nearby, and connected elsewhere around. The New Rural Development: Let's make it (DIY)!

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