4 January, 2024 to 20 June, 2024

In 2021 we asked the CENSE membership, in addition to others, five open-ended questions as a way of taking the pulse of our evolving community.

The result was edited and distributed as a PDF Almanac publication.

3 years later we would like to ask you to check this QUESTIONNAIRE II again. What changed and what didnt?

Your answers will be included in the planned online PDF publication of the CENSE Almanac II, scheduled for end of July, 2024.

Questionnaire II

1. What do you see as a positive development or achievement in environmental policy in general or within the community of Acoustic (or Sonic) Ecologies?

2. What do you consider as a common ground between the disciplines as composition, sonic ecologies, bioacoustics, environmental activism or art of listening in your field of expertise? Can you name any examples or initiatives you are currently involved in or would like to initiate?

3. Do you have opinion about the way how "de-contextualized" field recordings (or other captured sounds) are used in contemporary music scene (such as publishing recordings or doing live performances with field recordings as source material)?

4. Can you comment on the situation in your field of expertise concerning trans- or inter-disciplinary collaboration? What kind of and how much feedback is there between your acitivities, the broader community and the public?

5. What do you think could help to increase the involvement of broader public and policymakers to help promote positive changes in environmental consciousness and the policy of the country in which you currently live?

Thanks in advance for your answers. Feel free to answer any, all or as many questions as you want.

Please send your responses to this adress: zvukac at


Miloš Vojtěchovský