Regular Meeting of the Board


The board is public, anybody can participate.

You are welcome to join the webmeeting here. The meeting starts at 0900 CEST.

Previously, the board agreed:

  1. Csaba will find out, where if we must open Austrian bank account for CENSE
  2. The treasurer and the deputy treasurer is Šárka and Annamaria
  3. If there is a tie in voting, one member of the board will volunteer not to vote
  4. Board meetings agenda is prepared by the moderator
  5. Meetings will be on Zoom platform (Jan or Csaba will provide a link each time)
  6. There are active members of CENSE and supporting members. Active members pay the annual fee of 30Eur.

Jan Krtička suggests this agenda for the Thursday meeting:

  1. Discuss and Confirm the board member roles and their duties
  2. Discussion on the date, the location and the organizer of the planned 2021 CENSE Conference / Gathering

Moderator June 3rd: Miloš Vojtěchovský

Confirmed board members: Anamaria. Sárka. Csaba, Polina, Milos, absent: Jan

Discussion platform: