World Listening Day: Tu Fokan Music Summer School

Tu Fokan Music Summer School is this year from 14th till 23rd July in Pilisszentlászló village, Hungary. On the World Listening Day, (Sunday the 18th), we will focus on it with a small presentation for the 20 Hungarian and Czech young people, as part of the joint CENSE actions. The event will include a review of the existence of sonic ecology, the activities and merits of Murray Schafer, and the phenomena of geophonics, which gives the essentials of this year "Unquiet Earth" topic. Listenings and demonstrations will be based on the work and art of JT Bullitt, specially the Earthsound Project. We will also watch Raquel Castro's Documentary Film " SOA". "Unquiet Earth", as a concept will be present in musical activities during the camp. With the help of Hungarian Institute of Seismology we'll use waveform figures of tectonic plate motions as graphic scores for music improvisation.