Antonio Della Marina is a sound artist and curator based in Udine, in the northeast of Italy. He graduated from DAMS in Bologna with a specialization in music and is active in sound art through concerts, lectures, and sound installations. His work exploits the physical properties of sound and the use of microtonal tuning systems, mainly combining environmental acoustics and digitally generated sine waves. His works have been exhibited internationally in festivals and art galleries.

His works has been exhibited in art galleries and international festivals including Angelica Festival, Experimental Intermedia and Issue Project Room in New York, the Prague Quadriennal, the Logos Foundation in Ghent, FundaciĆ² Phonos in Barcelona, Lydgalleriet in Bergen.

In 2011, along with his partner Alessandra Zucchi, he founded Spazioersetti, a private exhibition venue based in Udine entirely dedicated to sound and architecture. Through their NPO Continuo, they curate and run projects on sound related practices.