Bálint János Kiss is an acoustic communication designer living and working in Helsinki, Finland. He is dedicated to explore and create acoustic profiles following up-to-date scientific and artistic discourse on sound.

I have been intrigued by sounds since the early years of my childhood. I grew up singing, playing the piano and the cello. I was drawn to electronic music and sound design in high school and ever since I have always worked on sound and music-related projects. Before moving to Finland, I discovered acoustic ecology that had a huge impact on how I approach the current challenges of design – human-centric, ecological, and funcionalistic narratives became a very important part of my practice. I'm proud to be member of CENSE. In the last few years I worked on contemporary dance projects, different sound design tasks, and electronic music projects. Recently I've been working on podcasts, soundscape compositions, 8-channel compositions, and ecosound-related events and activities. In the past I was singer/songwriter of SwimmingBirds and singer/music producer of pill Vax.

I think that a collective aural awareness would mean the birth of a collective need for a sonically more authentic, caring, and aesthecially pleasing world. Beside the important work put in research and art I find it essential to involve and inspire people and communities in this matter.