Barbara Benish (1958) is an artist, curator, writer and farmer. She moved from Los Angeles to Prague as a Fulbright scholar and stayed. Her artwork has been shown in hundreds of international exhibitions in Europe and the US. Benish is Founding Director of Art Dialogue, a Czech NGO which runs ArtMill, an eco-art center in the Czech countryside. She is a Fellow at the Social Practice Arts Research Center at University of California Santa Cruz, and an Advisor to the UN Safe Planet Campaign.

Opening this aural sense, as well as oral, tactile, and olfactory, is part of the physical experience that exposes our bodies to pain and pleasure, reconnecting them to the environment around us. In this way the traditional optical engagement of the visual arts is expanded to embrace a more vibrational, meta-physical experience. Perception is directly connected to political and social activity, to which my work is deeply committed as we navigate the end of the Anthropocene, and seek to repair human-induced violence against the Earth.