Carina Pesch, aka La Pesch, (*1983) studied Social Anthropology, Political Sciences, and Philosophy in Leipzig and Beirut. She learnt from Petschinka, Antje Vowinckel, Chris Watson, Hans Peter Kuhn, and others. Today she lives in Leipzig as author, director, sound and voice artist. She co-curates the gathered listening event GERÄUSCHKULISSE – a forum for good audio stories and immersive sound worlds. In her works she explores the fields of radio, composition, installation, performance, and the walking arts for public broadcasters, museums, international festivals, and cultural institutions. Her works show a strong sense for the specific characteristics of phenomena, people, and places. They oscillate between narrative and purely sound-based with strong fascination for the thin borderline between fiction and reality. Often she uses spoken word that transcends sentences and syntax and reaches a pure atmosphere or emotional quality. She chooses a subjective approach towards individuals and the environment setting in scene encounters and creating contact points in dialogue. For the representation she relies on high-quality field recordings, improvisation, interviews, cut-up techniques, rhythm, and a structure that reflects the core message. Her special interests are personal and social boundaries as well as transcending and blurring them, the confrontation and meeting of different horizons of experience. Her sound works have been honoured with awards, nominations, scholarships, and residencies (e.g. Phonurgia Nova, Prix Europa). She has taught at universities and cultural institutions on podcasting, radio, and sound art. (photo: Constanze Flamme)