Jeff Gburek (1963) is a sound artist, composer, instrument builder, field recordist & blogger, based in Poland. As a guitarist born in the USA, after studying gamelan music in Bali and Java, explored improvisation as percussionist, and built his own hybrid world music free noise junkyard percussion set with oscillators and shortwave radios. Over the course of the last few years, the works have been focused on soundscapes, horspiel, spoken-word, text, voice experiments, themes of ecology and climate change. He has had artistic residencies in Berlin, Lyon, Amsterdam (STEIM), Darmstadt, Brussels. Until the recent pandemic he's been a frequent traveler of Eastern Europe and the Balkans recording folk music and sonospheres, which he publishes primarily on his netlabel Akashic Records. Jeff attended the conference Mundus Murmurans in Ústí nad Labem.

Listening for what's crawling between the walls, looking for the unseen, reflecting on the accent of the unheard, the marginal, the innocent obscenity, going a few extra steps out of my way, wondering what that really means, enabling interfaces with the ineffable, abiding by the life of small things, learning from others, enjoying chaos, finding clues to how it all fits together, forcing nothing to be.