Mat Eric Hart, born 1988 in London, is an artist, composer, producer and sound recordist currently based in Provence, France. His work explores the territories of field recording, soundscape composition, sound design and sonic art through the medium of audio-naturalism - a practice deeply rooted in listening and connecting with the natural world. His journey on this path began as a volunteer at The British Library Sound Archive, immersing himself in listening to the vast database of sound recordings kept there. Working closely with the World & Traditional Music and Wildlife & Environmental Sounds collections and curators, he produced the soundscape installation for the public exhibition "Buddhism" (Oct 2019 - Feb 2020) held in The British Library's PACCAR Gallery. This experience inspired him to begin working on his own field project, which would become "The Mat Eric Hart Japan Collection". Published by The British Library in May 2021, the collection explores the relationship between sound and spirituality in Japanese culture, documenting cultural practices, rituals and performances through observing, studying and recording interactions with Japanese artists, traditional musics, festivals, natural environments and sacred spaces. Since relocating to France in 2019, he has committed himself to further exploring and developing his practice in his new environment. He has a close, creative working relationship with the radiophonic arts association Phonurgia Nova, with whom he has organised a series of well-received field recording workshops. He is the curator and producer of "Plan├Ęte Hypnotique" - a quarterly radio transmission and open call platform commissioned by Chilean arts radio station "Radio Tsonami" exploring acoustic ecology, electro-acoustic and acousmatic works, field recording and soundscape composition.

"Profoundly inspired by the art of listening and the importance of being aware, mindful and understanding of the sonic spaces surrounding us. In searching for the point of recording, I find myself always in search for the spirit of the place."