Miloš Vojtěchovský (1955) is a curator, art historian, and audiovisual artist. In 1992 he founded the Hermit Foundation, later the Center for Metamedia in Plasy Monastery. Together with Peter Cusack started up the ongoing project Favourite Sounds of Prague He curated the Czech section in the international networking project Soundexchange and co-curated the symposium and festival vs. Interpretation held in Prague, 2016 by the Agosto Foundation and the Frontiers of Solitude project - 2015 - 2017. Other project include: Deep Space Gateway, Soundworms Ecology Gathering, 2017, and Architecture and the senses, 2018.

He thinks that we are obliged to try almost everything, to affect the current economical system and to challenge the destruction of environment, we are - as the human race and as individuals - responsible for. At least we could at least try to change our lifestyle?