Gívan Belá (fka Guy Van Belle, 1959) was born in Belgium but moved to Central Europe after the milenium bug. Involved in experimental music since puberty, and retired from the arts since 2022, after a 22h homage to the first 20th century performing sound artist Arsenij Avraamov ('Symphony of Sirens', Baku 1922 - 100 years celebration) and Notker the Stammerer, ardent supporter of the now forgotten atekstalis genre and composer of the revolutionary polyphonic antifon Media vita in morte sumus (St. Gallen 912, 1010 years ago). Changed styles and definitions from Psycho-acoustic to Electronic to Digital to Multimedia to Interactive to Web/Network to Sound to Eko/Bio to Science to (finally) No Art. As a side hobby was organizing eko-techno-countryside residencies in Hranice/Vysočina (kra.land), running a very very local makerspace (buttulab.space), writing his memoirs calling it 'the biggest lies about the world and artists I can remember'. Was a founding member of the virtual off-grid online band Rural Development, the abstract dead metal band Digital Death & Afterlife, and the elektro-skiffle band Ostropest. Like Bela Bartok he considered field recordings the best representations of sound which is music. Because everything can then be recoded differently and still be authentic.