Petra Kapš alias OR poiesis (1975) weaves her work among the arts of sound, radio, chrono-spatial poetry, poetic performance, books and reflection. Aside from the ethereal features of sound, she focuses on the physical presence of the body. She extends the word, her core medium, with sonic spheres of sonorous poetry. Kapš is interested in aural memory and the deep time of the body. Incorporating an (a)syntemporal presence through the digital sphere, she researches the possibilities of intimate radio and is concerned with the void ear of the internet listener. Her sound/radio/book works are located solitudes. Petra participated in the Soundworms gathering, Architecture and Senses, in the Cesse, conference in Budapest, and Second life of Recorded Sounds conference in Wroclaw 2020 and Beyond Listening symposium in Budapest.

My main axis spins around modalities of silence and the aural / vibrational / resonant conditions of the planet and its matter / substances. We have bodies and with them the most magnificent sensory organism - the only one we truly possess but severely neglect to rely on the processed data. My concerns are intertwined with the anthropogenic noise, with its virtual-augmented aspects, and the concrete ones, generated by the infrastructure that is deeply embracing the crust of the earth. Regarding global warming and human narcissistic pathological behaviour / actions I would like to promote attuned listening. In my artistic practice I try to develop ways to attune with entities that surround me.