Slavek Kwi (born in Czechoslovakia, lives in Ireland) is a soundartist, composer and researcher interested in the phenomena of perception. He has a longstanding fascination with sound-environments, that oscillate between sound and interdisciplinarity. His audio-based situations are created mainly from site specific recordings, resulting in subjective reports for radio broadcast, ‘cinema for ears’ for multi-channel playback, sound installations integrated into the environment and performances. From the early nineties he has operated under the nick Artificial Memory Trace. He facilitates experimental sound workshops with autistic children and those with learning disabilities, he emphasises extensive listening and the stimulation of creativity through observation and the support of natural tendencies.

I am perpetually tuning in any given sound situation, looking perpetually for balance of energy in between I (as singular entity) and “the other” (as multiplicity, everything else). Is this symbolical for practical applications?