Toni Dimitrov (1980) a multimedia artist, cultural producer, radio host, communicologist, organizer, curator, label owner, mountain/rock climber and nature lover, living in Skoplje, Macedonia. He connects all those with the love for music, sound art and field recordings. Working in the field of sound art and experimenting with electronic music and radio. Have been curving his way into the new experimental music/sound art scene with his solo engagement, collaborative releases, radio art and art installations. He is searching his own way of merging styles of music, such as ambient, soundscape, long-form drone explorations with pure field recordings. Through the years released of different releases under several monikers, collaborations and bands, having releases on diverse labels and performed on many events, locally and abroad at festivals, participated at several residencies. Currently curating labels post global recordings, élan vital recordings and took part in exhibition The Audiosphere, Sound Experimentation 1980 – 2020