Darko Fritz / Gray Zone (1966) is artist, curator and researcher, living and working in Zagreb and Korčula. His work bridges over the gap between contemporary art, media art and network culture, taking up topics such as the glitch, error, and surveillance and uses different media as graphic art, photography, video, internet, etc. He is a critical observer of technology that changes the society, but he has also worked on a series of projects in which he used untypical media. His curatorial work and research on New Tendencies and early digital art has earned international acclaim with exhibitions at HDLU, Zagreb, Neue Galerie, Graz, ZKM, Karlsruhe and Akbank, Istanbul. He started the research “The beginning of digital arts in the Netherlands (1955 – 1980)”. Fritz is founder and programmer of the Grey Area – a space for contemporary and media art. Member of professional organizations HDLU (visual arts), ULUPUH (design), and AICA (art criticism).