Yiorgis Sakellariou (1981, Athens) is an electroacoustic music composer, recordist and researcher. His practice focuses on the communal experience of listening and the communication between composer, audiences, performance spaces and the rest of the physical and supernatural world. He completed his PhD at Coventry University. His research was an analytical and practical investigation of the societal interplay of electroacoustic music and the sublime experience of acousmatic listening. Yiorgis is a member of the Athenian Contemporary Music Research Centre, the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association, the Lithuanian Composers Union and currently a lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University and an assistant lecturer at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he lives.

Field recording is not only an exploration of a physical environment but also a way of perceiving the environment, a method of connecting with it. Furthermore, to record is not simply to document, or represent reality, but to interact with it, to engage in a very profound way. The focus shifts from the physically perceived and geographically defined natural environment to the galloping imagination that is stimulated by the interactions with it.